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Selecting a Contractor - Alpine Gentle Roof Cleaning


When selecting a contractor to clean your roof, it is important to protect yourself from fraud and liability. Here are some guidelines to help you choose a qualified, experienced roofer:

Legitimate Business:

Check for a permanent physical location, tax I.D. number, and business license.

State of Washington Contractor's Number:

Repeatedly changing their contractor number or multiple business closures and reopenings could be cause for concern. You can check this by calling the State of Washington Corporate Division.

Licensed & Bonded:

Check to see if the company is properly licensed or bonded.

Liability Insurance:

Ask to see proof of contractor's liability insurance coverage, making sure the coverage is up to date.


Look for a company with a proven track record that offers client references. Talk to the customers to find out whether they were satisfied.

Better Business Bureau:

Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? Generally, if they don't want to be accountable or tracked, they won't join. Contact the Better Business Bureau to check for a business report on the company.

Up-Front Money:

Don't give them any money until the job is totally completed. Some contractors have been reported for taking a percent of the money down for a partial job, and then never returning to finish. There is an exception when purchasing a new roof. Sometimes a percent is required when purchasing material.

Price, Professionalism, Quality, and Integrity:

Price is only one criterion when selecting a contractor. If it sounds too good to be true, it just may be. Professionalism, quality, and integrity should be the utmost when making this important decision.

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