Clean and Treat

Cleaning includes:

  • Pressure Clean Roof
  • Clean Gutters & Down Spouts
  • Replace up to 20 Shakes (if needed)
  • 100% Clean-up

Treatment includes:

  • Guaranteed Moss Kill and Shake Preservative

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  • 425-271-8426

Toll Free:

  • 1-800-552-5746
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Alpine Gentle Roof Care

Alpine Gentle Roof Cleaning is a general, low-pressure washing maintenance service.

We specialize in:

  • The cleaning, treating, and repairing of asphault and shake or tile roofs
  • The cleaning of exterior paint on buildings
  • The 'high pressure' washing of pavement, sidewalks, and cement.
'Gentle Pressure' is the safest cleaning system for your roof, and it is recommended by roofing companies in our area

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